Remoting Channel Sink UriNotPublished. RequestUri is ‘/VeeamService’

Sometimes you see an error and think it’s going to take all night to resolve. Remoting Channel Sink UriNotPublished.. What the hell? Luckily the pointer to the /VeeamService is the dead giveaway though.

In my case, the Veeam Backup Service hadn’t started yet.  Patience is a virtue, Rhys…


9 thoughts on “Remoting Channel Sink UriNotPublished. RequestUri is ‘/VeeamService’

  1. Michael

    Phew! Thanks for the pointer–I had just done some reconfiguration and rebooted, only to get that worrisome error message 🙂 All good now that I let things wake up.

  2. Andrew

    This was top of DDG’s searched. By the time I’d read the paragraph, everything was fine.


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