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CMTracing across the Veeamverse

Today’s article is written by Rose Herden, for those who haven’t had the fortune of meeting Rose she is the general manager of Saxons Learning Solutions, a Veeam Certified Architect (VMCE-ADO) and a VMCE trainer. Rose runs her own blog and helped found the Veeam ANZ user group.

G’day everyone! Rhys has yet again graciously allowed me to borrow some space on his blog. This time, I’m here to talk about logs!

A few weeks back, Rhys and I met Vish Venkatesh who spoke about Sublime and Rhys has an amazing article HERE. That tool deserves more downloads than it currently has!

Having read the article, got me talking to Rhys about a tool I usually tell students about on the last of the VMCE training. When we get to Module 12 (Troubleshooting), reading logs makes a wonderful appearance so I usually recommend CMTrace.

We’ll start off with the Install, how to get your logs in and the fun part! Tips!

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Sublime Text + Veeam

I was fortunate enough to attend VeeamON Forum in Sydney last week, the company I work for (Data#3) actually sponsored a booth so I was armed with a scanner and had the task of talking to as many potential customers as possible. Usually, I would shy away from such a task but given the subject of the day was Veeam I had a great time. I even had one person mention he knew of this blog!

During the event, I had a great chat with Vish Venkatesh (short for Vishwajeeth) from Veeam also based in Sydney. Vish spent a year and a half as a Support Engineer before changing roles to an SE so I got a chance to ask about the inner workings of Veeam support. Continue reading