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Backblaze – Force Immediate Scan

If you’re a big fan of Backblaze just like I am then you probably have wondered how to force it to scan for new files to backup. According to the Advanced Windows Help page found on the Backblaze website, there is a small process that slowly scans your computer looking for new/changed files. It can take about an hour or two to scan across all drives for an average user. When you plug in an external drive, it may take Backblaze anywhere from 1-120 minutes to schedule the files on the external drive to be backed up online.

There is a way to force an immediate rescan. It will slow your computer down for a few minutes while it scans all your drives. You can force the rescan by holding down the ALT key and clicking “Restore Options…” button.


Pay to recover your data – CryptoLocker

A new trojan called CryptoLocker is making the rounds which silently encrypts files on your computers, along with files on any connected network storage or USB devices, rendering them unreadable. Once the encryption process finishes, it tells users to pay a ransom, which so far has been $100, $300 or two bitcoins, currently worth about $2400.

Currently, there is no way to recover your data other then from an “offline” backup, if the backup was online or attached at the time of the encryption then more then likely the backup is now encrypted as well.

180TB of Good Vibrations – Storage Pod 3.0

I am a huge fan of BackBlaze’s online backup and they have just released version 3 of their amazing storage pods. These Storage Pods are all about big storage at low low costs, they are the backbone  of BackBlaze’s storage pools and at 180TB of storage at $59.54 a TB they help keep the subscriptions fees down. To break that down further it’s only $0.0595 per GB! If you are interested you can actually purchase a complete unit yourself or build one DIY style.

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