VeeamOn Giveaway! Win a fully paid trip to New Orleans (EMEA Region Only)

Win a fully paid trip to VeeamOn 2017 in New Orleans.

Do you live in the EMEA region and want to come to VeeamON in New Orleans? Do you want to hear about all the new Veeam features and talk directly to vendors and partners? Perhaps you’re interested in having a go at LabWarz to test your skills amongst the best? If you haven’t secured your ticket yet here is one opportunity you shouldn’t let pass.

Veeam is allowing me to raffle off a trip for one to VeeamOn 2017.  To enter this raffle simply tell me a story regarding Veeam. Whether it’s that time Veeam uncovered that 6-month-old snapshot, helped you reclaim all those over-provisioned vms, that time Veeam saved your bacon or something just interesting and cool.

So tell me why you should be at VeeamON 2017 because if you are the lucky one who is selected you will receive a fully paid trip to VeeamOn 2017. Yes, that even includes flights, hotel stay and conference attendance!

If you are based in EMEA and wish to enter this raffle, simply comment your story below.

Don’t forget to include your full name. The deadline for the raffle draw is April 7th (CET).



Thank you to everyone that entered the raffle, the lucky recipient has been drawn and notified.


10 thoughts on “VeeamOn Giveaway! Win a fully paid trip to New Orleans (EMEA Region Only)

  1. Jack Kleiss

    For me, it was probably a time when a project, long thought dead, resurfaced and an engineer asked me with an even mixture of hope and despair in his eyes if I happened to have a copy of their client folder which included preliminary designs and schematics.
    Our live data retention policy is three years, but I keep Veeam backups for as long as possible, including a yearly. The look on his face when I was able to use the Veeam console to bring up a nearly 5 year old backup of our Windows file server VM using the Restore Guest Files functionality was priceless. The time from his initial request to delivering that folder was about 5 minutes.
    He actually brought it up in a company-wide meeting that it had saved about 20 hours of engineering time and let the project resume in a week rather than the projected month of back-and-forth playing catchup.

  2. Meghann O'Sullivan

    Pick Me! Pick Me!! Why? The Saxons Learning Solutions + Veeam Team (ANZ, Asia & EU!) journey has been full of challenges and I have been lucky enough to be a part of it from the beginning. VeeamON2017 would be the perfect opportunity to meet all the amazing people I have been corresponding with throughout the year and a half it has taken to enable Saxons Learning Solutions to offer the VMCE Certification training to the eager Veeam Partners & Veeam enthusiasts. Not to mention VeeamON2017 greatly increases my chances in obtaining the ever elusive Veeam Swag!

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Meghann, loved your story but unfortunately, Veeam is only offering this to those in the EMEA region. Feel free to share with any Veeam enthusiasts in that region 🙂

  3. Jon Hope

    So I am pretty sure I don’t qualify based on region but story is worth a share.

    We recently restored our entire datacenter over the course of 24 Hours thanks to the partnership between Veeam and Exagrid.

    What in the Hell happened you ask? Funny Story.

    Small little strategic solutions of VA the MSP I work for here in Virginia was the lucky recipient of an unstoppable code bug within VMware’s VSAN 6.0u2 code stack. We actually just received the RCA today from VMware.

    Now how did we get to the full DC restore. I was finishing up a migration of all 150+ workloads from our production VNX storage array to our blazing fast/supported “ALL FLASH” VSAN running 6.0u2 with Dedup and Compression turned on. Turns out there is a lovely KB out there that pertains to VDI and the deletion of 16TB of data on a VSAN with this feature on this version and it causes significant issues. I noticed Sat at 2PM that after the migration a VSAN Resync start. Then I noticed that PLOG congestion started climbing. Soon after a second disk group failed out. Artificially failed. There was nothing wrong with the underlying drives. I called VMware in a panic knowing to some degree what was occurring. They gave me the run around with there crappy tier 1 weekend support. I proceeded to tell the guy we are sitting here watching our infrastructure burn down after the third disk group failed and he still hadn’t gotten an escalation expert on the phone. I demanded that we get everyone involved. By 9PM that night, YES 9PM we had over 18 individual including multiple high level managers within the VSAN team on the phone. It was then that over 4 disk groups had artificially failed out. Keep in mind it was all software failures and no physical hardware. VMware was stumped. We proceeded to work around the globe rotating with with vmware’s brightest engineers, developers and essentially anyone who knew anything about VSAN to resolve the issues. Myself and my counterpart worked for 72 hours straight with only 4-6 hours of sleep in between that time. VMWare tried everything, they were lost. We essentially start salvaging what we could to our crappy, unsupported VNX that we had just worked effortlessly to migrate off. VMware came back with the only solution was to upgrade everything to 6.0u3 and then destroy the entire VSAN 60+TB and rebuild. We had no way to house all the workloads. Mind you this was already pushing into 6am Monday. By that night at 5PM, we made the call to proceed forward after confirming all backups were up to date and usable. We blew away our 60TB VSAN and rebuilt from 530pm to midnight. At midnight we begin an amazing restore effort from Veeam restoring close to 125VM’s between the hours of midnight and 7am. By 7am we had almost every major system restored and operational. If it weren’t for Veeam and Exagrid we would be in a much different state right now.

    I can honestly say Veeam has been the best decision we ever made. I cant wait for Veeam On and look forward to the advanced course so I can further my knowledge set and possibly obtain an advanced certificate this upcoming year.

  4. Jerry Martin, Jr.

    My first real interesting task with Veeam was implementing SureBackup. We were looking to start fully testing our backups since our annual audit has a checkbox for backup verification. The best part about checking the box is that we not only verify that we have the data, but we verify that we know our VMs are complete and boot up in the test environment. Priceless! A great piece of mind.

  5. Toon De Quick

    Hello Hammond,

    Six months ago I was not familiar at all, and used other Backup software like HP Data Protector. As you know, tools like this are a real pain in the ### sometimes, software- and support wise.n

    When I started at my new client, I was introduced to this wonderful piece of software called Veeam. Everything is so clear and user-friendly. No more long hours trying to restore a single file, no more failed backups all the time. Veeam has really restored [ hehe 😉 ] my faith in backups.

    But the thing that I like the most about Veeam is that I can make people happy without much work. Restore a mailbox from a .pst? No problem. Restore on the deepest level in SQL databases? Give me 5 minutes and I’ll give it to you. When I give the restores to the people in no time, they think I’m some kind of technical genius.

    I can say without a doubt that Veeam is my favorite piece of software and I can’t wait to become VMCE certified. Being able to visit the VeeamOn 2017 in New Orleans would really mean the world to me. Meet up with other like minded people, explore Veeam’s newest technologies, etc.. would be like a dream.

    Kind regards and warm greetings from a young Veeam enthousiast!

  6. Charles Ferland


    About 5 years ago, we migrated from RHEV to VMWare. During this migration, we have integrated some Windows servers and also Veeam. After one year of use, expectations for performances was there and we could’nt be more happy.

    However, on a most memorable winter stormy day, I’ve got an SMS that tells me that a web service can not start because of a bad login/password.

    After a few investigations, I’ve notice that one of the Datastore is out of order and all the Windows Virtual Machines there are missing. I find myself with no Windows server and all the services that depend on it no longer work.

    I had to reinstall a vanilla Windows machine, reinstall Veeam services and restore the latest Veeam configuration. From then on, I was able to restore all Windows machines from the latest backup!!

    Here in Quebec, it is difficult for us to find and talk directly to partners on solutions like Veeam. It is for this reason that by being a proud customer and always on the lookout for new products and contacts, I hope to be chosen.

    Bonne journée!! (Have a good day!)

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