Failed to create database VeeamBackup. Create failed for database VeeamBackup.

Recently encountered this issue after attempting to install Veeam B&R v9 on a server that at one stage in its life had an instance of Veeam B&R installed then uninstalled.

I cannot comment on how it was uninstalled but my first installation of Veeam B&R went smoothly, I utilised the existing Veeam DB and ran a couple of backup jobs. Unfortunately, after a couple of days, several issues started to happen. Essentially the existing DB was no good and I needed to wipe the slate clean.

After several unsuccessful installations later, Veeam was now having a problem when creating the database during installation.

The exact error was ‘Failed to create database VeeamBackup.Create failed for database VeeamBackup’

What finally fixed the problem was to uninstall the Veeam B&R Server perform the following steps to clean up SQL.

Step 1. Open the directory C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.VEEAMSQL2012\MSSQL\DATA

Step 2. Find the below files and delete them
-Veeam Backup
-Veeam Backup-log

Step 3. Reinstall Veeam B&R

If the above fails to work try uninstalling all SQL components and then manually delete the left-over Microsoft SQL folder in the program files. Once completed, reinstall the Veeam B&R Server.

15 thoughts on “Failed to create database VeeamBackup. Create failed for database VeeamBackup.

  1. boris

    Thank you for posting this solution. this was the problem here too, upgrading from v8 to v9.
    Even veeam doesn’t have it well indexed as you do ! 🙂

  2. Scott Smith

    This will live on the internet forever as the easist fix for this particular issue.

    For those wondering why Veeam doesn’t automatically do this? Probably better safe than sorry when deleting SQL settings that may not belong to Veeam. Maybe you already had an instance of SQL Server running and tied Veeam to it. Best not delete that!


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