Analyses the system, installs and upgrades necessary components and services depending on the role selected for the server

Veeam Installer Service

Responsible for deploying and coordinating executable modules that act as data movers

Veeam Data Mover Service

Deploys a driver for CBT & communicates with the VSS framework during backup, replication and other jobs.

Veeam Hyper-V Integration Service

Windows service that coordinates all operations performed by Veeam Backup & Replication such as backup, replication, recovery verification and restore tasks

Veeam Backup Service

Windows service that manages guest OS file system indexing for VMs and replicates system index data files to enable search through guest OS files.

Veeam Guest Catalog Service

e interacts with the virtual infrastructure to collect and cache the virtual infrastructure topology

Veeam Broker Service

Mounts backups and replicas for file-level access, browsing the VM guest file system and restoring VM guest OS files and application items to the original location

Mount Service